/ How Fast-Ad Works

How Fast-Ad Works

Fast, Easy and Affordable to post an Ad and Quick to find, what you are Searching for!


Download Fast-App, Register for an account, Compose your Ad, Upload Pics and send. It sends via your whatsapp platform using your Whatsapp bundles. Else open fast-ad.co.zw page on your pc browser, Register for an account and begin to post Ads.

Search for an item

Either on Fast-App or web interface search for any wanted item either by category or region listing. Get your results in less than 5seconds

contact the seller

Get details of searched item then login or register for an account to view the advertiser's contact details and information.

make transactions

Contact Advertiser and transact. Upon successful completion of whole process you are welcome to contact us and contribute towards improving our service

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Happy Adverisers

Comments and Feedback from some Advertisers who have signed up for Fast-Ad service!

Great! unique, user friendly and cost-effective service service. Keep it up guys!

Darwin Michle, Project manager

Thank you for Fast-App. i only use whatsapp bundles to post and view my Ads i have no extra cost

Madam Elisabath, Creative Director

Quick geat service. Upon posting Ad from fast-app, it is immediately published on web interface. This is great.

Clips arter, Lipsum director

This service is broad, posted Ad and began receiving responses from other International countries. This is too good guys. Keep it running please!.

zam cristafr, manager